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Get to Know Us

Hyde hair care is a boutique hair studio in Terranora, filled with highly talented, passionate hairdressers that LOVE education. We have designed our first 5 classes based around common questions we are asked in the salon. Each class is an intimate , hands on experience with only 6 seats available per class. 

Our Classes


Dads class


Simple styles and ideas for dads and daughters. This class comes with all tools and a take home bag for the kiddies $50 per father and Daughter, 6 spaces available.


                i.         An easy ponytail or bun.

              ii.         Washing hair properly?

             iii.         How to use bobby pins.

             iv.         How to plait hair.

              v.         Dealing with knotty hair.

             vi.         Sectioning.

           vii.         Brushing hair correctly.

          viii.         Correct brush on kiddies

Dates- JULY 8TH 4PM


Curling/Styling with cocktails/mocktails

Easy ways to curl your hair and how to use proper tools. All tools provided. 6 seats available. $50 pp


                i.         Mermaid wave with straightener.

              ii.         Curling on different lengths. 

             iii.         How to hold your tool and swapping hands.

             iv.         Sectioning.

              v.         “GHD” style curl.

             vi.         Tighter curl.

           vii.         How to combine styles to achieve different looks.



Blowdrying and bubbles/cocktails

 How to blow-dry hair at home easily and properly, all tools and products provided, 6 spaces available. $50


i.How to hold tools correctly, i.e, holding your blow-dry and brush.

ii.Blowdrying different lengths.

iii. Upside down blowout.

iv.Bouncy blow-dry techniques.

v.Blowdrying to achieve straight hair.

vi.How to use Velcro rollers.

vii.Using a blowout brush.

viii.Blow-dry your fringe or bangs.

DATE July 5th at 5pm

Text your name and which class you want to book. only 6 spaces in each class.


Braiding Techniques

Different ways to achieve a nice tight or loose braid on yourself or others. 6 spaces available $50 pp


     i.         Dutch braiding and French braiding how to.

     ii.         Sectioning and parting for braiding.

     iii.         Products to help hold your braid.

     iv.         Loose boho braid technique.

     v.         Tight and compact braiding.



Quick and Easy styles 

  10-15minute hairstyles you can do to get you out of the house on time. 6 spaces available $50pp


       i.         Half up half down styles.

       ii.         Messy bun.

      iii.         Bed hair and how to wear.

      iv.         Sleek back bun/pony/plait.

      v.         Fringe/bangs blow-dry.

      vi. Claw clip styles for different length hair.

      vii.         Space buns.

dates- July 16th 5pm

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